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Smashy Highway


★★★ Smashy Highway ★★★The city, you will appear, it is definetely not ordinarily. The citizens of the city profess street racing in fast cars. That is a problem for the police of course, which is fighting against this street racing. The city is divided into the two parts. In the first part you can find the racers with their cars and in the second part you can find huge police department with many police cars, then the fire station etc. It is up to you which way you will join. You can catching the criminals or you can fleeing from cops. In the crossy road you can find many types of cars. For example classic sedans, old cars with many horses, 4x4 cars, limos and many more. With regard to crafting, you can build other buildings, roads, bridges or springboards. It is completely up to your imagination.
★ Two sides of the law!★ Fireworkers and cops!★ Beautiful car models!★ Amazing graphics!★ Easy to play!★ Join the SWAT team!
★★★ How To Play ★★★- Explore the town- Choose your side- Catch the racers- Be the cop- Pick up your favourite car